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A) Setting up a new gallery portfolio page

  1. Create a new portfolio post (Portfolio > Add new)
  2. Name the page and click the ‘Use Fusion Builder‘ button
  3. Click the ‘+ Container‘ button and pick the 1/1 column option
  4. Click ‘+ Element‘ and pick the Gallery option.
  5. Select images: upload all images you want and click “create a new gallery” then “insert gallery”
  6. Gallery layout should be “Grid”
  7. Make sure the picture size is always set to ‘Auto‘ (default settings might be ‘Fixed’)
  8. Number of columns should be 4.
  9. Column spacing should be 20.
  10. Save.
  11. Choose Gallery as the Format
  12. Create a new portfolio category or choose an existing one (on the right-hand side of the panel)
  13. Set Featured image – choose last photo uploaded.
  14. Publish your portfolio page (Or save as draft and publish later)

Adding a Go back to gallery button

These steps allow to add a back link on each portfolio page.

  1. After adding a new portfolio click + container and choose 1/1 column then click + Element
  2. Click the ‘button‘ option.
  3. Button link: Add the URL the button needs to link to i.e. /gca/gallery1/gallery-2016/
  4. Button text: BACK TO GALLERY
  5. Leave remaining default options and click the Design tab at the top
  6. Leave the default options and select the left pointed arrow icon from Icon 
  7. Any other option should remain as for default settings
  8. Save (it only saves the button settings)
  9. Update to save changes on portfolio page

B) Setting up a new gallery page:

  1. Name your page (I.e. Gallery 2016) and click the ‘Use Fusion Builder‘ button.
  2.  Create a new 1/1 column layout and click ‘+ Element‘ and pick the Tabs option
  3. Make sure ‘Justify tabs‘ is set for ‘NO’
  4. Click the brush icon to edit your first tab
  5. Give your tab a title (for example ‘Winners’)
  6. Click the Fusion Builder icon in your Tab content toolbar and pick the Portfolio option
  7. In the Portfolio popup window, choose the ‘Grid‘ option under ‘Layout’
  8. Set the number of Columns to 4 (default would be 3).
  9. Posts per page = -1
  10. Portfolio Title Display = Only Title
  11. Show Filters = No
  12. Open the categories drop down menu and choose your desired category (For example ‘GCA Winners 2016’)
  13. Click ‘Insert‘ and save your tab.
  14. Click on the ‘+ Tab‘ button to add another tab and repeat steps 4-10
  15. Make sure your page is nested under the main Gallery page and that it’s using the ‘Side Navigation’ template (You can set it up under ‘Page Attributes’ in the right-hand side panel)
  16. Publish your new gallery page

Other photos tab

This section is slightly different to the others. You will not create a portfolio post for this section but rather add the gallery straight into your tab.

  1. After creating your ‘Other photos’ tab, click the Fusion Builder icon (same as step 6) but instead of choosing the Portfolio option, pick the ‘Gallery’ option.
  2. Select the images.
  3. Gallery layout should be Grid
  4. Picture size should be Auto
  5. Number of columns should be 4
  6. Column spacing should be 20
  7. Insert and Save
  8. Save your tab and update the page.