Global Counsel Awards


General Counsel of the Year 2016

What did winning a Global Counsel Award mean to you?

It was an absolutely wonderful recognition on a personal level, but it was also far more than that. Eight years ago UBS was on the verge of failing. The fact that I was even eligible for this award is a remarkable justification of the strategy that we, the executive board, initiated shortly after I joined.

However, no person can do these things alone and in a short interview I did internally I immediately passed the award back to my team; while I was fighting some large litigation matters, they continued to look after a lot of other issues, which in turn allowed me to concentrate. Really I view this as a collective recognition as well as a wonderful personal surprise.

General Commercial Individual of the Year 2016

What did winning a Global Counsel Award mean to you?

The best part was that I was able to have almost all my direct reports globally with me at the event to share that moment. The award was validation for our team that we are focused and aiming in the right direction. I believe that without the work we have done as a department, I would not have been in a position even to be nominated.

Employment Team of the Year 2016

What did winning a Global Counsel Award mean to you?

We were genuinely surprised to be nominated for the award and assumed that it would be impossible to be selected from among such well-respected peers. To be recognised by our law firm partners for the work we do is a great compliment. Our goal is to continue quietly to be one of the forces behind the success of our company. We are grateful to the ILO Global Counsel Awards team for the recognition and support.

Intellectual Property Individual of the Year

What did winning a Global Counsel Award mean to you?

It was really nice to be recognised by those who work with me on various issues around the world. So often, my team tends to close one file and rush to work on the next matter without taking time to reflect and celebrate what has been accomplished. Being shortlisted for the Global Counsel Award encouraged me to stop and take time to celebrate accomplishments in a new and unexpected way. Actually winning the award provided wonderful recognition both within the IP community and internally within my company.  In-house counsels are rarely recognised by award programmes, so the Global Counsel Awards are unique and quite special. I am grateful to have been nominated, shortlisted and awarded this honour. 

Employment Individual of the Year 2016

What did winning a Global Counsel Award mean to you?

It has been the highlight of my career and has been very special to me, both personally and professionally. It is an accolade and an experience that I will cherish forever.

M&A Team of the Year 2016

What did winning a Global Counsel Award mean to you?

I am very grateful to the International Law Office, the Association of Corporate Counsel and all of the Global Counsel Awards team. It is one of the most important awards that an in-house lawyer can receive and it means a lot to our company, and particularly to all the lawyers in the general counsel’s office.

Regulatory (Financial Services) Team of the Year 2016

What did winning a Global Counsel Award mean to you?

It was a great surprise, we never thought we would get this level of visibility. In Brazil in particular we have faced a lot of challenges over the past year and much regulatory scrutiny. It was very pleasant to be able to recognise the team in such a positive way at such a critical time. We have been communicating about the award a lot internally too, which has been particularly rewarding.

Litigation Individual of the Year 2016

What did winning a Global Counsel Award mean to you?

Being recognised and honoured by my peers was deeply satisfying. I have been fortunate to have a superb team of lawyers supporting me. This award is as much theirs as it is mine. 

Litigation Team of the Year 2016

What did winning a Global Counsel Award mean to you?

I am most thrilled about this award because of what it says about my team. They are truly magnificent, having dedicated themselves to  some really difficult cases and even travelling all over the world for extended periods of time. Pursuing this award for them was my way of driving home how much I appreciate them, how much I love them and how much I value being their leader.

Competition Team of the Year 2016

What did winning a Global Counsel Award mean to you?

We were delighted to have won this prize – it is a fantastic reward for all the work my colleagues have done. The settings of the ceremonies were amazing and we enjoyed several interesting conversations with the other nominees and representatives during the evenings.

A very positive effect of the award was that it highlighted the good job that REWE’s legal department is doing, not only to our senior management but also more widely among our colleagues.

Intellectual Property Team of the Year 2016

What did winning a Global Counsel Award mean to you?

It made Eve and me proud of our team. We had a very successful 2015 and we all appreciated the recognition of the excellence of a team which successfully manages the legal IP issues pertaining to HBO programming and to the global operations of our company.

Employment Team of the Year 2016

“In terms of thoughts on the Global Counsel Awards, I would say that it was hugely motivating for my team to have their efforts recognised at a global scale. It is fantastic that these awards seek to recognise those teams which achieve excellence on a consistent basis.”

Competition Individual of the Year 2016

What did winning a Global Counsel Award mean to you?

It brought a great sense of humility to receive a global award when the other nominees were such distinguished counsel in their parts of the world.

Employment Team of the Year 2012

“My experience on the night my team and I took home the award was magical. We didn’t expect to win and were extremely honoured, particularly in light of the other nominees. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting high-calibre legal practitioners from around the globe and discussing issues, and sharing stories, with them over drinks and dinner. The awards bring the global corporate legal community closer together. In terms of the impact of winning, I believe it raised the exposure of me and my team, both internally and externally, and validated our hard work and the quality of our guidance.”

Regulatory (Non-financial Services) Team of the Year 2014

Hitachi Data Systems’ legal and compliance team were delighted to have been named both the European and Global Regulatory Team of the Year at the 2014 Global Counsel Awards. The awards are truly global and so we knew we had been benchmarked against some of the biggest and best companies in the world. Both award ceremonies were fantastic and really made all the finalists feel special.”

General Counsel of Year 2012

“I was very surprised to have been shortlisted for General Counsel of the Year at the 2012 Latin American Counsel Awards. For me, at a (relatively) young age, the nomination itself was already a significant accomplishment. When the award was announced, I was shocked to see my name on the screen. The night was perfect. The event has a global reach and as a consequence, I have been invited for media interviews and to speak at global conferences. I will always remember that night with great pride. It strengthened my confidence and underlined that hard work pays off.”

Corporate Tax Individual of the Year 2013

“Being nominated for and twice winning the Global Counsel Awards was a very remarkable point in my career – not only because of the in-house work recognition, but also because of the prize night itself. In fact, participating in the event greatly improved my networking and gave me the unique opportunity to meet and talk with many other colleagues, lawyers and corporate people used to dealing with the same matters and issues that I deal with every day.”

Intellectual Property Individual of the Year 2013

I felt honoured and thrilled to be nominated for the 2013 European Counsel Award and Global Counsel Award for IP lawyer of the year – especially when there were so many other talented nominees. Nothing prepared me for hearing my name announced as the winner of these two prestigious awards; it truly was an incredible moment. Receiving the ILO trophies and gaining recognition from my peers for my contributions to the field and to the business was an awesome experience. I believe that winning the ILO awards contributed to the acceleration of my career and further successes.”

Litigation Individual of the Year 2011

“The Global Counsel Awards were one of the highlights of my professional career. The recognition for the in-house counsel role generally, and the recognition of my successes personally, was amazing. I commend ILO in association with the ACC for creating a forum for meeting talented in-house counsel from around the world and for recognising their achievements.”

General Counsel of the Year 2014

“I was very happy to be named 2014 General Counsel of the Year. The award ceremony was very elegant and the perfect opportunity for me to bring together lawyers that work in-house with me for a nice team-building experience. What can I say about my award? That I was proud of myself would be logical; but I really felt happy for my team and was eager to share it with them and congratulate them for helping me to achieve such a relevant recognition. More than anything, I felt my team was genuinely happy for me, proud of themselves and of me. Really great moments!”